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Dear Friend,


I'm really sorry that I haven't told you about this before. I have really been burning a lot of fat lately - and I am still making god progress. I have been keeping my techniques secret, and haven't told anybody about them.


I was out jogging, and on my way I met Sara, which is an old friend of mine.


"Andreas, I didn't recognize you" Sara said, staring at my abs, "how on earth did you get that rock solid stomach?"


I was unable to say anything at first. I shouldn't be telling her - even though it is is the truth, most people either don't understand it or they just don't believe it.


"Now tell me... " Sara said. She was still admiring my training results. "How did you get those abs? Did you hire a personal trainer? Or are you on some nasty body building drugs or something?"


I tried to make it go away by laughing . It didn't seem to work. Suddenly, without warning, she did something that made me think about putting up this web page...


She said, "I don't intend to be rude, but here is what it's all about... I go to the gym every single day and even have one of those fancy home gyms. I've done all these diets and tried a lot of supplements, but I'm still stuck with this fat and ugly belly. I'm getting exhausted of this."


It was all true. Sara was looking even fatter today then last time I saw her.


"Screw you ," she said. I could see that she was desperate. "I haven't even seen you at the gym, and nobody has seen you training. And still you got these perfect abs, even though I've worked ten times as hard as you! "


I couldn't keep from feeling sorry for Sara. I knew that she didn't mean to be angry with me, and that I was one of the few persons that she could turn to for getting rid of her fat. She wanted to speed up her fat loss.


So...I told her exactly what I'm about to tell you  - everything about the fastest way
to make fat vanquish.


The Secret And Super Easy Way To Burn Fat


I've been burning more fat than ever - and all thanks to the new techniques that I've found. And I don't want to go around being the only one knowing the truth. The fact is that I know I can help a lot of people getting started.


I've been there. I know how it feels to fail in achieving your fat loss goals. I know that your fat percent just won't mysteriously drop if you are not doing the right things. The thing is that not all can succeed...


...and I though so too.


I was wrong. Anyone can do if they just know how to do it. Do you think you will know better in how to lose fat if you are doing the wrong techniques all the time?


It Is Time To Share My Secret With You


Sara changed my life. Really. Hadn't it been for her I wouldn't have made this site, and you wouldn't have been reading this.


I'm not a world famous body building superstar. Not at all.


I'm just the normal guy in the street that has realized that most of these fat loss products and guides are totally overhyped and doesn't help at all.


I discovered the techniques and methods that the professionals refuse to give away. And I understand why. I didn't want to share them at first either.


"The Worlds Less Overhyped Product"


Do you want to burn fat simply by sitting on your ass, drinking soda and watching TV?


Then wake up from your dream! It's not going to happy, at least not before they develop some kind of state-of-the-art cutting-edge medical drug with ten thousand side effect.


The truth is that burning fat requires hard work, motivation and self discipline. All the ebooks, guides and reports only shows you how to get going. A piece of paper won't make your muscle work on >b>auto-pilot. It is you that have to do the training.


What? Did you expect me to show you how to waste your money on a product that shows you how to burn fat by sitting on your ass, drinking soda and watching TV? It might make you feel better, but I can assure you;


It won't work!


You Need Some Proof


Above you can see my results. The before picture shows me in february last year, and the last one is a pretty recent one. Well, what can I say; I guess my training made a difference.


I must admit, that when I first started out, I didn't really have any muscles. And I had a big fat belly. When I told people about my fat loss goals, they laughed. "I would really like to see that."


But look at the results. I was able to achieve far better results than I would ever imagine.


It is about time the same thing happens to you, so let me present...


Speed Up Your Fat Loss


The groundbreaking system that will change the way you think about fat loss. So how will it benefit you? Here is just a small list of things it will do for you:

You no longer have to ruin your body doing the wrong things to loose fat efficiently. I can tell how many that have totally ruined their lives with all the dangerous supplements and techniques that are out there.


Save money. Stop wasting your money on useless stuff that doesn't even help you a bit. Huge pharmacy companies make expensive products. Not to help you, but to feed their greedy wallet.


Show of your body. Once you get started with this, you will very soon start to see results. Go to the beach and make people admire your body rather than making fun of you.


Stay healthy. Do you want to end your life with a heart-attack at an early age? Don't give up training. Learn how to get it all on autopilot.


What THEY Don't Tell You


Do you Want to ruin your body?


Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on products that doesn't work?


Do you want to live on fiber-bars for the rest of your life?


Do you want to sit in a chair watching TV all day doing nothing?

If you have checked any of the above boxes, you can just as well leave. I can't help you achieve any of the things above.


They tell you to eat snack bars that tastes like paper, take dangerous supplements and give them all your money. Hello! They don't want to help you. They just want your damn money!


What I Will Tell You


How to find the right fat loss techniques for you

● How to select the right fat loss supplements

The best tips about fat loss

● The differences between weight loss and body fat loss

How you easily and rapidly increase your fat loss using never before revealed techniques

● How to make a fat loss diet that works for you

How to set up your own fat loss program

● How to make well tasting food with low fat cooking

Why most people fail their fat loss programs, and how to avoid it

● Myths about fat loss exercising

The secrets of body building

● Which Fat Loss Products you should buy, and which to avoid

What is limiting your body building results

● The ten steps to killer quads

How to get the total triceps training

● How to get melon sized deltoids

All the body building myths that make people fail

● What to avoid to keep your training at peek

The "inside-out" training technique

● The truth about nutrition

If it is possible to use safe steroid

● What classic body building is

How you can quickly become big and strong

● Gain 10 pounds in just one week

632 pages of food

● Learn about the Glycemic Index

2 week complete food plan

● A 4 week menu plan

Tons of recipes

● Eat a different meal every day for the next 20 months

One of the most complete food guides ever created

And that is just some if it...

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Bigger Muscles Recipes. Healthy low-fat food doesn't always have to taste bad. I want to give you a collection of some of the best tasting food there is, that you can safely eat while trying to build muscles and lose fat. Helps you stay motivated.


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This Could Have Cost You A Lot Of Money


But it doesn't...


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James Dixon, California, USA

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